Winter Weather Awareness Week
November 5-9
(posted October 31, 2018)

Winter Awareness Week
November 5-9 is Winter Awareness Week in Wisconsin
Protect yourself and your family before the first winter storm strikes.  When temperatures drop and the snow piles, staying warm and safe can be a challenge.  Gov. Scott Walker has declared Nov. 5-9, 2018 as Winter Awareness Week in Wisconsin.

According to the National Weather Service, the average date for the first snowstorm in Wisconsin is November 10.  Lincoln County Emergency Management wants to encourage everyone to take action and get prepared for winter weather now. Here are a few steps you can take now to safeguard your winter experience. 
Gather an emergency kit of items your family will need for at least 3 days.  Make sure to include: food, water, blankets, medications, flashlights, first –aid supplies, battery powered weather radio or commercial radio, and extra batteries for phones and radios.  Don’t forget about any special items for baby and pets. 
Prepare for worst conditions and dress in layers, even if you don’t plan on being outside for long. 
Check on your neighbors. Friends, family, and neighbors will likely be the first to provide help.  Plan with neighbors now to help each other and to share resources. 
Listen to weather forecast regularly. Know the weather conditions for your current location and where you are traveling. 
Winterize your vehicle.  Have an emergency kit inside your vehicle to include food, water, flashlight, batteries, shovel, extra winter gear such as hat and gloves, and sand or kitty litter.  Check with the 511 Wisconsin for the latest traffic and road conditions. Let others know your timetable and routes of travel.
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